by Luscifer | 25/01/2008 01:33:02


I know that most of the forums are about people who have come to complain about various issues, however I do not have a Gripe here.

I had an issue 2 days ago and spoke to a GM about it however I was highly frustrated at the 'auto response' that I got so I then opened another ticket last night to discuss the issue.

The wait for the ticket to be opened was quite a while, but as I am playing a game and it was nothing overly serious it didn't really phase me. I was then pleasantly surprised at the GM who responded as he was very very friendly (as all other GMs are that I have spoken to, thank you Bliz) and I would just like to openly express my gratitude towards this particular GM.

Unfortunately due to my crappy memory I have forgotten his name, and as such am unable to email about the wonderful service, I would just like to Congratulate him anyway. This was on the server Thaurissan, with the Character Luscifer at around 2:08am his time.

Anyways in closing,
I would like to note that despite the long wait times (which is expected with the huge number of people that they have to support) that thus far (aside from that 1 time) that the GMs that Bliz employs are fantastic, keep up the good work guys.


by Auryk | 25/01/2008 01:44:39


Was it Game Master Tomorilin that assisted you? If so, I’ll be glad to pass your thanks on to him, though I am sure he would like to receive an e-mail from you regardless. :0)

by Auryk | 25/01/2008 01:56:15


Q u o t e:
Turtle! <3

Hello darling!

Q u o t e:

Thats him, tell him thanks again :) and good luck with his Paladin (don't go holy, go ret :) )

Hehe, I will be sure to pass that along. :0)

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