Why no Priest love?

by Amaranth | 22/10/2010 07:17:30


All I see are blue posts on paladin threads, which are by far OP healers at 85. I realize that Holy Radiance is getting nerfed but priests are still so far behind every healing class.

Why hasn't there been ONE blue post as least acknowledging that there's a friggen problem? Going oom halfway through a fight while druids, shammies, and pallies don't have to change their playstyle at all (like...conserving mana and not spamming so much) and still never go oom, while holy priests are struggling just to make to through fights that before 3.3 they did absolutely fine on.

Wtf blizz. Wtf. There are classes besides paladins to pay attention too.

by Ghostcrawler | 25/10/2010 05:03:57


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