What are you wearing to BlizzCon?

by Kyiran | 08/06/2010 05:25:09


For those of you who aren't cosplaying, what are you wearing to blizzcon?

I'm thinking about pulling out all the stops and going straight to the three-wolf moon t-shirt, what do you think? My only reservation to wearing that is I don't know if the ladies will be able to handle it.

Kidding. :)

Nah, actually someone pointed me to a site the other day where you can buy customizable wow shirts/hats, I'll probably get a shirt from them, and maybe one from tankspot.com.

Post what you're wearing here! If you already own what you plan to wear, post a pic of you wearing it :)

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by Nethaera | 10/06/2010 22:23:54


I plan to wear clothing. The type that is comfortable with very comfortable shoes. And a smile. The smile is definitely the easiest part to figure out though.

"Do you scan me?"

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