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by Sryker | 21/03/2007 07:10:22

I would actually like a reply to these questions please.

I recently did the big horry lvl 60 loch quest to get the Doom guard asits supposed to be this awesome beat but once i got it.. used it... i was was sorely disapointed. My Fel Hunter is better then it and I dont have to sacrafice a member of my group or have to have 5 people to summon it. This is supposed to be the end all of all loch critters and its a dud. It seems that with each patch you are killing the Loch's ability to contribute. I've noticed my spells after 60... dont seem to affect anyone in a PvP situation.. in fact... they just out right dont work.

Fear - if it works.. and seldom does now.. is so short lived that i dont even have time to cast another spell.

Coruption fails 50% of the time and so does Agony

As stands... the lochs pets have become jokes .. especially to hunters as their pets have become bigger threats then my Infernal ever was. Its sad when a lvl 50 pet can tank my infernal and win.. then have enough health to chase me down.

is there a revise in the furture for the Loch or are they just going to fade away as a viable class?

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by Vrakthris | 21/03/2007 07:18:49

Sryker, Game Masters do not have any involvement in regards to programing or development so we are not able to address your concerns.

The proper place for this would be the Warlock Forums for player discussion regarding your class or the Suggestion Forums for changes you would like to see made to the game.

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