The destination account does not meet the re

by Thedirtbag | 26/04/2007 03:09:29


Hello, i emailed the billing departmet 2 days ago becuase i was getting the following error while trying to transfer my level 70 rogue to another account that i own, which is registered to the same user, and Both accounts have had the same information since day one, same "Last Name" "First Name" "Phone #", e-mail address, home address.

error: * The destination account does not meet the requirements for an account to
account transfer. *

and this is the reply i got from a blizz employee

Character transfers are intended only between accounts which are registered to the same user. You will be required to verify both accounts, and the last name on each account must match. At this time it is not possible to bypass this restriction, even amongst friends and family.

What should i do next, thats not a very helpfull answer, i mean i already explained my problem on my first email, and that both accounts have been registered to the same user and both account have always had the same Last name and first name since day one, the mail boxes were empty when i tried to transfer same with the AH, both accounts have been burning crusade upgraded.

by Vrakthris | 26/04/2007 04:41:11


Are you certain that the information matches, Thedirtbag? You will most likely need to call our Billing Department to straighten out this issue but if you could provide me with the name and realm of one character on each account I could take a look.

by Vrakthris | 26/04/2007 06:20:00


I apologize for the delay, Thedirtbag, I looked through the account and unfortunately I could not find a specific reason that would prevent you from transferring your character.

You'll want to contact our Billing Department who should be able to provide more details than I have access to.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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