Sounds from addons while sound disabled?

by Einzbern | 14/10/2010 01:35:01


It seems this patch has disabled addons from playing sounds while sound is disabled(ctrl+s).

Before the patch this was not the case. I could disable sound(gryphon flapping, spells, and the like), yet still receive audio notifications from mods (when a proc happens from MSBT, whisper from WhisperFu), or even when I directly told wow to play a sound (/run PlaySoundFIle).

Is there any work around? I have become pretty reliant on a sound playing when Hot Streak procs.

As a few examples, I played with no in game sound on. DBM would still play sounds for various notifications (Run a way little girl, etc), yet post patch it no longer does unless I have in game sound on.

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by Nethaera | 15/10/2010 18:19:37


We are aware of this issue and will be fixing it in an upcoming patch.

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