Silithus PVP

by Shadowrunt | 25/08/2006 18:21:08


I think the buff given from winning Silithus pvp should be changed, or at least have another benefit other than +25% to CC rep. This buff helps no one that is already exalted. What good is an area wide buff, that multiple people have to work for, if it's not a benefit to all that participated?

by Nethaera | 25/08/2006 18:36:43


You can always submit a suggestion of changes in the suggestion forum or provide feedback in game about it if you like.

The main point of the benefits are for those that are most likely already leveling in the area. It's just something they can do along the way and get a little bit of a boost out of it. It's not intended for there to be any sort of major benefits since we don't necessarily want people going there JUST to get those benefits.

Also, bear in mind that any future PvP events are being actually integrated into the new zones for the expansion. Silithus and EPL weren't specifically designed from the start for the outdoor PvP events (although of course on PvP servers they have been hotbeds of PvP due to their nature) however, they were good enough prospects as they were to get outdoor PvP. From what I've seen in game and from the forums, both areas are hit and miss both depending on your server and the level of interest people may have in them. We of course encourage continued feedback and constructive criticism from players as they continue to experience these new events.
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by Nethaera | 25/08/2006 19:18:53


Q u o t e:

So you didn't initially intend for a movement speed debuff to happen in a zone that's litterally crawling with a creature that spams web-root on you? I just assumed the developers were extreme sadists or something.

I'm not sure where my statement and yours relate. I was pointing out that we are happy that we were able to implement outdoor PvP in existing areas however, the future areas are being designed from the ground up with specific PvP events/goals in mind. The movement speed in Silithus is intentional given that you are burdened by the Silithyst you are carrying and we'd like to hope people would work as teams to protect the carrier as they return to their base. (Which I did see occuring on one of the realms I hopped into. I watched two people escorting a third to the base.)
I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said I don't know.
- Mark Twain

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