Question regarding Guild Achievement XP

by Lvbisop | 20/09/2010 17:27:38


I remember reading a post awhile back saying Guild Achievements will give big chunks of XP and will feel really awesome as you complete them.

My question is this:

With guild XP per day being capped at a certain point (I think 624,000 currently) how will this effect completing guild achievements? Should people not complete them when the cap is already reached because it would just be a waste and not count or would it rollover to the next day?

Or maybe I am misunderstanding how the whole process works or will works.

by Mumper | 20/09/2010 20:01:07


XP earned from guild achievements does not respect the daily cap. In other words, you will still get the xp even if you are capped.

Lead Content Designer

by Mumper | 21/09/2010 07:25:26


Yes, any xp you earn will count towards the cap, no matter what the source.

Lead Content Designer

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