Promises, promises

by Quandary | 14/03/2009 16:00:30


What we were promised:

1) Help for fire in pvp
2) Help for frost in pve

What we got:

1) Nerf to mages of every type by giving our crit debuff to other classes and then cutting it in half
2) Crappy RNG disarm with a low proc chance, that requires mage getting hit to activate...this for a class that makes its living in pvp by avoiding getting hit
3) impact reworked in a way that is, on balance, a pretty hefty nerf
4) replentishment on a crappy talent that nobody will ever use because frost is still horrible for pve
5) reworked pve-only ice lance glyph that is completely useless, because casting ice lance in pve is still a loss of dps!

Thanks a lot!

Oooh I almost forgot, instead of fixing the abysmal programming of the mirror image spell, or giving me direct control of it, Blizz once again takes the easy way out and simply removes functionality. Stunning.

by Ghostcrawler | 14/03/2009 17:58:08



by Ghostcrawler | 14/03/2009 18:30:36


Q u o t e:
The worst part is, I'm ready to bet if the form of the feedback given by the OP was different, GC wouldn't be tempted to respond like this. To those QQing that the blues are #!%@**%s and that they're lying bastard who never keep their promises, step back, take a look at yourselves and realize that they owe you nothing.

I'm sure if the OP had said "Are you guys still planning to make fire PvP better? What you've added so far doesn't seem to be helping" instead of "WHY ISN'T FIRE GOOD YET? YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE!!! QQ" that GC would have had a better response and that we'd all get a better game out of it even if the devs don't "design by comitee" (which is a damned well good thing considering the state of these forums).

I'll quote this guy.

We want to make these forums a place for serious discussion. A lot of that has to do with the way you communicate. Any thread that starts off, or has a healthy does of, "Blizzard doesn't get my class and hates me and breaks promises" isn't getting us there.

Do not QQ. Do not insult the developers or other players. Do not demand changes. Do not make threats.

If you think someone is wrong, explain why. If you think something isn't working, explain why.

If you aren't sure how to communicate the way we want you to communicate, then just read and don't post.

I probably won't come back to this thread, so I would not post here with the intention that I see it.

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