Premades in 2.4

by Nevian | 27/03/2008 23:01:07


Premade queues have been abnormally long since release. I have seen reports of over 30 minute queues and have experienced myself a 27 minute queue (I have only participated in one premade so far since Tuesday). Apparently there was a "fix" that was not reported in the patch notes under the PvP section (possibly not at all) that queues premades versus premades only. Whatever it is, this is an annoyance because of the extremely long queues and, since premades match with premades, the ensuing extremely long games. I hope Blizzard is going to fix this soon, as it has greatly disrupted many players' fun and ability to gain a large amount of honor efficiently (and to flamers, this should be allowed, and should be possible).
Premades versus pugs used to allow this, but now many of us face about an hour just to have fun while gaining honor, not to mention a small amount of both for the time wasted. This issue is frustrating and should be dealt with immediately if possible.
Thanks Blizzard, looking forward to an explanation and/or fix A.S.A.P.

I am also including a link to my thread about this in the Customer Service forum, as well as the link to a thread in the PvP forums showing that more players have the same problem as I do. Hopefully both will help you gather information on this problem and allow you to deal with it effectively if possible.

Premades in 2.4
Customer Service forum
PvP forum

by Hortus | 27/03/2008 23:40:18


The matchmaking system was tightened up for premade groups in 2.4 this will result in longer queue times unless there are similarly geared premade groups on the battleground for you to be matched against.

If you want to get into a Battlground quickly, queue up solo, if you want to play with a premade group then expect to wait longer.

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