Premades in 2.4

by Nevian | 27/03/2008 21:55:57


Premade queues have been abnormally long since release. I have seen reports of over 30 minute queues and have experienced myself a 27 minute queue (I have only participated in one premade so far since Tuesday). Apparently there was a "fix" that was not reported in the patch notes under the PvP section (possibly not at all) that queues premades versus premades only. Whatever it is, this is an annoyance because of the extremely long queues and, since premades match with premades, the ensuing extremely long games. I hope Blizzard is going to fix this soon, as it has greatly disrupted many players' fun and ability to gain a large amount of honor efficiently (and to flamers, this should be allowed, and should be possible).
Premades versus pugs used to allow this, but now many of us face about an hour just to have fun while gaining honor, not to mention a small amount of both for the time wasted. This issue is frustrating and should be dealt with immediately if possible.
Thanks Blizzard, looking forward to an explanation and/or fix A.S.A.P.

by Reythur | 27/03/2008 22:10:23


Hey there Nevian. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions. =)

  • Which battleground are you trying to queue for?

  • How many players are in your group?

I'll see if I can provide some information once you answer these questions; however, it is possible that I will be unable to.

by Reythur | 27/03/2008 22:18:41


And have you attempting to queue by yourself, or with a smaller group perhaps?

If so, how long were the wait times when you did that? If you did it with a smaller grouping of people, how many were in your party?

by Reythur | 27/03/2008 22:45:00


I think what you are seeing is merely coincidence and a combination of multiple situations, Nevian. For example, when one person queues for a battleground they can be stuck in any available spot that opens up in a battleground. Whereas an entire group of 15 will need to wait until a new battleground instance starts up; which means that you are most likely going to wait longer. If the solo player — and small groups (one to three people) — are entering the battlegrounds very quickly, it is possible that there may not be enough players to start up a new instance.

As the PvP system changed drastically in regards to the way honor is obtained, you are most likely going to start seeing players queuing up by themselves to get the honor they way. These folks will no longer be sitting in the queue waiting for other players to queue up, but rather fighting with the larger number of players participating.

I'm not entirely sure if there is anything specifically wrong, but you may want to do some more information gathering and see if anyone else is noticing this phenomenon. It is entirely possible something has been altered — intentionally or not — but we'll need more information than the fairly small sampling we have now.

Please feel free to gather this information and share it with our Quality Assurance team over on our Bug Report forums ( =)

by Reythur | 27/03/2008 23:09:35


Q u o t e:
I have reported my issue to the bug forums but the lack of blue responses there to threads is discouraging...

They have to investigate things, Nevian. The patch came out two days ago, I'm sure that they are very busy. =)

It is quite likely that responding to posts made is less on their minds than finding a cause of the possible issue; they may give a response when they have an answer.

by Reythur | 28/03/2008 23:58:47


Thank you for mentioning that post, Surthi. =)

As Hortus mentioned: this adjustment was intentional. Anyone that wishes to see any changes to it the battleground queue system will want to express their opinions on the matter on our Suggestions forum (

by Reythur | 29/03/2008 00:27:04


Q u o t e:
Perhaps a blue could elaborate on why this change wasn't publicised and wasn't included in the patch notes? Its not exactly a small change.

To quote our patch note page (

Q u o t e:
Live Patch Notes Disclaimer: While we make every effort to include all upcoming changes in our patch notes, please be aware that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.

There are many changes — big and small — that can be sadly omitted from the Patch Notes; it's not our intention to hide these things from our players, but I can understand how it can seem that way. A patch as massive as this one has so many changes can have things that are left out of the notes. There are also many things which are merely technical changes, and slight adjustments of a system that is already in place.

by Reythur | 30/03/2008 01:57:22


Q u o t e:
The Q times have got to go, they are unacceptable. keep it pre v pre, fine by us...but just not at 1 game an hour,

The only reason there are longer queue times is because the system is trying to locate another group that is close to your group's gear, etc, and there just are not enough folks queuing up as a group for there to be anything other than a longer wait. The only way to remove this is to remove the adjustments that were made; they were more than likely made to allow the system to function as it was intended... to keep the groups and the solo players separate as much as possible.

It's really not a matter of it going: "Oh, hey, you queue'd as a group, you can wait an extra 30 minutes", but rather: "Oh, hey, you queue'd as a group, let's find you another group to compete against." The system was adjusted for a reason.

If you want the system changed to anything other than it's current rendition, you will need to — as I have stated several times before — express your opinions on the Suggestions forum.

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