by Wsgwantsyou | 20/03/2007 12:29:49

Friend's account was permabanned for "exploiting the economy or associating with someone that exploited the economy". He appealed, and got an automated reply stating his account was still banned even though they supposedly investigated.

My friend wants to know if he he were to continue playing, would he need to purchase another CD key, and if he opens another account, would that one be automatically flagged and banned as well?

When he wrote the Account Administration department asking those very questions, he received an automated email saying he is responsible for his own password and his account is still banned. In fact, it was the same exact email he received when he "appealed" his ban. That's odd... he didn't ask for another appeal. So here I am writing this in hopes that people on the CS forum will be able to provide some Customer Service and I'll be able to deliver an answer to him.

Which brings me on to the next topic...
Why does the Account Administration department send automated emails pertaining to nothing that was originally asked?

by Vrakthris | 20/03/2007 12:47:03

An accounts actions are confined to that account, so if your friend were to purchase a new CD Key either by using the main website or purchasing a box set at a retail store no previous actions taken on another account should influence his new account.

Account Administration goes through hundreds upon hundreds of e-mails a day it is possible there was some confusion on the wording of his e-mail so they sent a response that they felt fit the situation.

If you could provide me with the name and realm of one of the characters on the account I could look into the matter for your friend, though it is most likely that I would be able to do anything for him and he would need to continue any dialog regarding this matter with AA.

by Vrakthris | 21/03/2007 05:18:46

It looks like your friend received two e-mails from us, the first was the original notification that the account would be closed, the second was a resend of that information due to an e-mail received from him claiming that he never received the original notification.

I show that two e-mails have been received by Account Administration, they will reply to them as soon as they can.

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