by Apolel | 10/07/2007 01:11:21


hello there ,ok here is what is going on with mine, i have the patch 2.0.0 (6080) and when this other patch came out it will not load the patch then i tryed to get it with out the back ground downloader.the other patchs tell me i have an older one, that i need this one ,but can not find the ones i need, i also whent out and got the expansion set burning crusade ,and still nothing is there patch that i need or do i need to uninstail this new set and then update the new patch but the thing with that is i also updated my account and key code so what do i do..thanks.

by Datth | 10/07/2007 01:15:48


Hi Apolel,

I'm not sure what you have just described. If you have just purchased Burning Crusade, go to Account Management ( and enter the key there. You will need these patches in order from top to bottom:

2.0.x to 2.1.0 (6692) Upgrade Patch
2.1.0 (6692) to 2.1.0 (6729) Upgrade Patch
2.1.0 (6729) to 2.1.1 Upgrade Patch
2.1.1 to 2.1.2 Upgrade Patch

by Davidhc | 10/07/2007 01:16:26


Hello Apolel,

If you want to start from scratch, install World of Warcraft first, and then The Burning Crusade right after that.

After The Burning Crusade is installed, you'll need to patch up to 2.1.0, then to 2.1.1, and finally to 2.1.2. These patches are available from one of our mirror sites:

For example, Filefront hosts the required patches:

2.0.x to 2.1.0
389.11 MB;7576133;;/fileinfo.html to
1.75 MB;7647585;/fileinfo.html to
1.84 MB;7698301;;/fileinfo.html

2.1.1 to 2.1.2
40.14 MB;7827929;;/fileinfo.html

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