New Streaming Launcher Available

by Lylirra | 11/10/2010 19:09:13


With patch 4.0.1, we will be introducing a new World of Warcraft launcher that will allow you to stream game data while you play. This will reduce the time you spend downloading, installing, and patching World of Warcraft.

Streaming Launcher Basics

We've redesigned the launcher to provide a visual update to your installation progress. You will see a new progress bar with sections (Red, Yellow, Green) that represent the amount of data you have currently installed.

There are three stages of download progress:

  • Setup (Red): Core game content is being prepared. You cannot enter the game at this time.

  • Available (Yellow): Major game content is not completely applied. You can play, but your game experience will not be ideal.

  • Playable (Green): Final game content is almost complete. You may experience a few issues with playing at this stage.

All World of Warcraft data will continue to download and apply whether you wait in the launcher or are playing in-game. If you find the play experience unsatisfactory, you may exit the game and allow the Launcher to continue the download. While the launcher should automatically adjust the download according to your bandwidth, this may improve the play experience for users with low bandwidth Internet connections.

Streaming Launcher FAQ

For more information, please refer to our FAQ: New Streaming Launcher Available

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Q. The new launcher streams data using Peer-to-Peer (P2P). Do I only seed when I’m also downloading something, or will I be uploading data to other players all the time?
A. As with the previous system, you will no longer seed once you've downloaded all the data.

Q. Will P2P be used to download data while in-game?
A. Eventually, yes. Not during this initial release.

Q. The background downloader currently allows me to continue downloading after exiting the game. Can you add that feature to this new system?
A. We intend to add this feature in the future. Until then, you can open your Launcher again after you exit the game if you wish to continue downloading game data.

Q. How is data assigned to each stage?
A. Data is assigned to each stage based on the relative need for that data. Red is required to get into the game, Yellow is data needed for baseline gameplay, and Green is for variants of base game data (higher-resolution graphics, alternate sounds, other flavor data).

Q. How do I know when the entire game is downloaded?
A. The progress bar will reach 100%, and then will not be shown on subsequent launches (until a new patch is released).

Q. Will I still be able to download patches from mirror sites?
A. Standalone patches will be made available again soon.

Q. Will the downloader still use P2P / BitTorrent?
A. Yes.

Q. Will large patches still be downloadable in advance through the background downloader?
A. Yes.

Q. Will it be possible to download the entire game before I begin playing it?
A. Yes.

Q. Is downloading game data in advance mandatory?
A. No. Users will have the option of playing before all game data is downloaded and applied. They may choose to enter the game, or they may choose to wait.

Q. On patch days, will I be able to start the patch download before the realms are back up?
A. Yes.

Q. Will I still be able to download a patch once and copy it to multiple machines?
A. Yes, as long as you have fully downloaded the entire patch. However, as with the prior expansions, patches from a previous major version (all patches prior to 4.0) will not work with the new major version.

Q. What if I have a low bandwidth connection?
A. Users with connections below 1 Mb/sec will be required to download both Setup (Red) and Available (Yellow) data before entering the game.

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Just as a quick reminder: if you are currently experiencing issues applying the patch or accessing the new Streaming Launcher, we encourage you to visit our Technical Support forum for information and assistance. You're also welcome to contact our Support staff directly by phone or web form.

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by Lylirra | 12/10/2010 20:48:55


Q u o t e:
That is not our question Lylirra, if you don't know the answer just say so. Don't direct us to useless links please.

What me and several others are asking is "can we copy over the "streaming launcher data" to other computers like we did with the 4.6gb patch. Yes/no ?

If the answer is no I will start copying over the game to all my computers right away. If the answer is yes on the other hand, please let us know where the data is being stores so we can promptly copy it over.

My previous response wasn't directed at your question specifically, Pasckal. Given the timing, though, I can see why you may have thought otherwise. Several players were noting complications with the patch and streaming launcher, so I simply wanted to ensure that they could find additional information and assistance at a glance. :)

That said, I'm currently working to confirm whether or not you can copy the launcher data, and will get back to you once I have a final answer. Just hang tight!

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Q u o t e:
What me and several others are asking is "can we copy over the "streaming launcher data" to other computers like we did with the 4.6gb patch. Yes/no ?

Yes, you should be able to copy the streaming launcher data. (Apologies for the delay!)

by Lylirra | 12/10/2010 22:38:14


Q u o t e:
NO you can't sorry to prove you wrong Lylirra but don't mis-inform people. the "updater" automatically writes as it downloads, you will have to copy the game over.

not impressed? so are hundreds of thousands of other users.

again, thanks Lylirra, for giving false information. I'm sure you're just repeating what the "higher level tech" are telling you. /highfive

Players should be able to copy the fully-patched folder from one directory to another and then run the game successfully from the new directory. If I misinterpreted your previous question and you're attempting to do something different (like copying data while still streaming), then I sincerely apologize.

Just to clarify: Once you have completed streaming the new game client and have version 4.0.1 fully installed (the progress bar is gone and there is no more download), you can copy the entire game folder to another computer and then run the game to update Windows with the proper registry settings.

I'll be sure to amend my previous post to ensure there is no further confusion. For additional questions or concerns about the streaming launcher, though, it'd be best to seek out our Technical Support forum. :)

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