New Addition - Introducing Khromuk!

by Vrakthris | 10/08/2010 23:52:05


I'd like to take a moment and welcome a new addition to the team, Khromuk!

Khromuk has been with In-Game Support for many years and brings with him a wealth of experience. Many of his duties will keep him working behind the scenes but he will be helping out on the Customer Service forum from time to time.

Please make him feel welcome as I'm certain he will prove to be a great addition and a font of knowledge.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a change in status for some other members of our team. Many of you are aware that we had a few Billing Reps that were posting here on a part time basis, and some of you may have noticed that they have been rather absent of late.

Bheralrul and Sirantus have moved on to other projects and we wish them continued success in their new positions and thank them for their contributions.

It is with glad tidings that I announce that Harlsoco has moved from a part time to a full time status with the Customer Service forum. She will be working during the morning hours and continue to deliver the high quality assistance that she always has.

Customer Service Forum Representative
Let's go and poke it with a stick.

by Harlsoco | 10/08/2010 23:54:04


Welcome, Khromuk!

Guess who's back...back...back... ;)

by Zenlyth | 10/08/2010 23:58:38


Welcome Khromuk and welcome back Harlsoco! (●*∩_∩*●) /besos

Representante de Servicio al Cliente/Customer Service Forum Representative \(^.~)/

“Aunque sólo existiera una verdad única, no se podrían pintar cien cuadros sobre el mismo tema.”

by Arrestide | 11/08/2010 00:13:05



by Vrakthris | 11/08/2010 00:15:48


Q u o t e:
Vrak, you can editz first sticky plz?

I will, just waiting for Khromuk to post so I can snag the history link to post. :D

Customer Service Forum Representative
Let's go and poke it with a stick.

by Khromuk | 11/08/2010 00:18:34


Hello and thanks everyone!

I've lurked these forums for quite some time as I've been a member of the Customer Service department since the launch of vanilla WoW. I'm real excited to be able to post alongside everyone!

Customer Services - CS Forum Team
Blizzard Entertainment

by Zarhym | 11/08/2010 00:19:32


Welcome aboard!

Where all my honey gone? Pooh bear be cryin'...

by Daxxarri | 11/08/2010 00:28:50


Welcome to the party, Khromuk, and may I commend you on your pulsating-ness.

CS Forums or bust. Ha ha, get it? Bust? You're a baneling? ...


*hangs head in shame*

Thorn gristle punk juice

by Daxxarri | 11/08/2010 00:43:20


Q u o t e:
Who be Daxx?

I'm part of the CM team for Southeast Asia, but I post elsewhere and perform other duties from time to time. Such as posting here, for example.

But, this thread is about mailboxes and banelings, not protoss-in-a-cup.

Thorn gristle punk juice

by Bornakk | 11/08/2010 00:43:29


Welcome! :)

by Lylirra | 11/08/2010 01:57:24


Welcome aboard, Khromuk! I've a sneaking feeling that you'll do quite well at keeping your finger on the pulse of the community. ;)

by Khromuk | 11/08/2010 06:03:39


Q u o t e:
Looks more like a pulsing green bedbug to me than a baneling.

Either way, I can pack a punch!

Q u o t e:
So Khrom, what are your hours for the CSF gonna be?

M-F 9-6pm Pacific. Like Vrak stated, my primary duties will cover stuff behind the scenes. Regardless, I am dedicated to help our CS forum community grow and prosper in every way possible.

Customer Services - CS Forum Team
Blizzard Entertainment

by Auryk | 11/08/2010 22:16:52


I’m at the point of bursting, I’m so happy, Khromuk!!! Welcome, to the team! :0)

Customer Service Forum Representative

Time is just a melody

by Bashiok | 13/08/2010 22:52:58


I've detected your presence and offer you encouraging words that also provide a brief and welcomed levity.

by Khromuk | 18/08/2010 00:59:03


Q u o t e:
Hi Khromuk!
How often will you be on the forums?

Although most of my work will be helping the CS Forum Team with projects and behind the scenes stuff, I'll try to spend as much time as I can reading and responding to posts as well.

[ Post edited by Khromuk ]

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