My kitten loves authenticators. Anyone else?

by Jikate | 01/09/2010 00:05:52


So yeah, just seeing who else has kittens that absolutely adore authenticators.

Mine discovered the little key chain ring makes a amazing sound when jingled, and is really easy to pick up and run around with. Naturally this makes logging in a challenge sometimes, as it ranges from being somewhere in the room to somewhere in my kitchen.

Anyone else have this cute and adorable issue, or just me?

Well you're a blood elf male rogue named 'Noskill', so I'm going to take your opinion with a grain of salt. - Ralie

by Nethaera | 01/09/2010 00:24:54


My cat loves to jump in my lap in the middle of playing. If that doesn't get my attention well enough, she will move on to the keyboard. It brings a new dimension to healing when suddenly your character is moving and attempting to cast spells without direction...

by Nethaera | 01/09/2010 00:28:01


Q u o t e:
My cat likes to sit on my tower and silently judge me while I play. Disconcerting to say the least.

But cats always silently judge unless they're hungry. Then it's just about what you can do for them ... right NOW.

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