My hunter can't autoshoot? Uses staff only.

by Lunarfaerie | 01/10/2009 15:31:12


When my hunter was in H CoS yesterday, and for some reason she wouldn't use her bow. I was wondering if this is a glitch? She would only use her staff, and it kept saying "too far way". I tried MULTIPLE things. I unequipped my bow, staff, AND arrows. I put them back on, even leaving out my staff. That didn't work. I tried attacking with just my staff, and I kept getting "Target must be infront of you." Even though the target WAS infront of me. If I use a spell that requires my bow, my char does the spell, but does not keep shooting. What should I do?

by Malkorix | 01/10/2009 22:26:48


Locking this thread up, since I'm addressing this issue here:

Hunter's bow is bugged.

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