If you were like Alice...

by Nethaera | 20/07/2010 21:34:43


and you found a way into Azeroth (in the flesh), what sorts of things would you want to see or do? What food or drink would you want to try?

(As always keep it clean. :) )

Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and "nuclear launch detected."

by Zarhym | 20/07/2010 22:22:50


I'd shoot for a modest house in a modest neighborhood, in a modest town where honest people dwell. I don't know if I've found that place in Azeroth yet. In lieu of that, I'd try to build a cabin in Grizzly Hills and spend my days there surviving on hunted game without disturbing indigenous populations.

Where all my honey gone? Pooh bear be cryin'...

by Lylirra | 20/07/2010 23:19:30


I would travel to the Undercity and beseech the Banshee Queen Sylvanas to play a round of croquet with me. :P

by Rygarius | 20/07/2010 23:20:57


Enjoy a slice of really great [ Delicious Chocolate Cake ] for at least 5 seconds and wash it down with a cup of [ Black Coffee ] .

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