If bli$$ard delete account if we cancel....

by Tooty | 17/11/2010 21:26:06


would people just pay the subscription to keep their accounts alive?

by Bashiok | 17/11/2010 21:33:53


Dollar signs can be used for Z's now?

by Bashiok | 17/11/2010 22:19:30


Q u o t e:

As we learned in the 90's, random substitution of letters with numbers or symbols increase your elite, or 1337 status. This modern take allows you to randomly replace any letter with any number or symbol, without any real recognition of the previous word required. Its 1337-speak evolution, and we are at the forefront, in this very thread!

Congratulations to all of us for being able to partake in history. Or, If I may, --==≤φ¥ÇçïΣδΩ≥≡==--.

You're such a llama.

Remember that? Calling people a llama? I think it evolved from "lamer".

The internet was so rad back then. AOL KEYWORD RADICAL.

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