I need a Hug

by Nomu | 07/07/2010 20:20:53


With all the rioting and screaming and foaming at the mouth and all the other depressing topics in the wake of this realid thing i have come to the conclusion.....that i need a hug....

wtb hugs

The drums of war sound once more....Soldiers rise on both sides along side great hero's and terrible villains. Yet who are the hero's and who are the villains? Only time can tell now

by Nethaera | 09/07/2010 23:23:18



by Nethaera | 20/07/2010 21:26:21


World of Warcraft Official Magazine is preparing an article about auctions in the game. How do you use the auction house? Do you consider yourself an auction house expert? What are your keys to being successful? Share your tips and you might find yourself quoted in the magazine.

by Nethaera | 09/07/2010 23:57:12


For the record, I am pro-hug and will hug again. Be warned.

by Bashiok | 10/07/2010 01:14:05


i love hugs

by Rygarius | 13/07/2010 17:22:02


Oh look, the thread works again.

I get a hug?

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by Zarhym | 14/07/2010 04:58:56


Such a necessity in life is the hug.

Where all my honey gone? Pooh bear be cryin'...

by Grimiku | 14/07/2010 22:20:36


I was going through the reports when I found that one that asked for a hug. Turns out a Yeti will also give and take hugs.


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Turns out a Yeti will steal a signature.

by Rygarius | 17/07/2010 00:28:38


Had enough?



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