Hunter PvE Damage FAQ (Copied from old forum)

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This thread contains two sections.
The first section is a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers for hunters just starting out in the game.
The second section is an analysis of maximizing hunter dps in end game raid situations.


Does attack power affect ranged attack power?
Attack power from equipment increases ranged attack power.
Attack power from buffs like battleshout do not.
This means that the black dragonscale set does increase ranged dps, but blessing of might does not.

How many attack power for 1 dps?
14 attack power = 1 dps

How many attack power from 1 agility?
1 agi = 2 attack power

How many agility for 1% crit
It’s roughly 53 agility for 1% crit at level 60

What should I go for? Trueshot Aura or Lightning Reflexes?
What is better? 0/31/20 or 0/21/30?

For raid dps 5/31/15 build offers the highest potential dps. However 0/21/30 is a good build that offers a lot of PvP tricks, and with top-end equipment, it can do almost as much damage as 5/31/15.

Should I use [insert name of ranged weapon here] or [insert name of ranged weapon here]?
If the two weapons are pretty comparable, then the slower one is usually better.

Should I use aimed shot or arcane shot for raid dps?
Aimed shot will let you do more damage in a lot of situations.

This analysis is something I originally did for my guild to settle a few questions about dps as a hunter. Most of the analysis is only useful for doing dps in some situations in high-end instances like MC/BWL. The analysis presented here is a rough guideline, does not apply to all situations, and you should use your best judgment on when to use it and when not to use it.

The analysis is also pure theorycraft. It’s a lot of math with little parsing data. However it’s given a few simple principles that, when applied to the right situations for end-game raids, can increase dps. I saw a big boost to my own damage when I used it, and several other hunters have said the same thing.

Aimed shot vs Arcane shot: The “10 second” cycle
Spamming aimed shot instead of arcane shot will increase your dps in some situations.

Ranged Weapon Chart After Normalization
A chart by Arcazua of ranged weapon dps with their customized "10 second" shot cycle after normalization of 1.10

Comparison of Rhok’delar vs Ashjre’thul
Using an Ashjre'thul over a Rhok'delar can increase your dps by up to 11%

How weapon speed affects dps
As weapon speed decreases, dps increases

Marksmanship vs Survival

Quick Shot and Rapid Fire

How to calculate damage

Note: I would like to keep this a constructive thread on hunter damage mechanism discussion. There have been several trolling posts, but I ask that everyone ignore the trolls, and simply click on report post. Thank you.

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