Guild XP 10 vs 25 .

by Spinashard | 18/09/2010 21:42:09


Are 10man & 25man guild experience requirements going to be the same?I am aware there is a cap on how much a guild 10 or 25 man can do in a week or day.(I can't recall)

Guild A - has 40 -50 people always on and not including alts that can contribute to XP

What happens to a 10man guild that have only about 13-15 man in the guild.

Is it an incentive that a 25 man going to be easier to cap out on XP than 10 man guild?

Just trying to understand this thx.

by Mumper | 21/09/2010 07:26:24


The cap is the same for all guilds.

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