Frustration Overload. Can't even install.

by Samej | 15/06/2009 23:38:07


Dear Blizzard,

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the technical issues I have been facing recently. I repartitioned my computer and reinstalled my OS (WinXPHome) this morning in an attempt to mend whatever was causing me to be unable to reinstall WoW after a previous Crash left it "Seriously Damaged".

I then popped my Wrath DVD back in and began to install it into my C:\ drive, (my OS is now on my D:\ drive, the bigger of the two). Once again, it gave me the same error as before, thus I am convinced the disc is messed up in some way.

And so, with no other options, I logged into Account Management and downloaded the Client Installer. I selected "Wrath of the Lich King" and had been waiting for about an hour or so. Yet again, another obstacle obstructed my path:

At 44%.

While Installing "ItemPetFood.dbc"

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!



This application has resquested Runtime to

terminate in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for

more information.


Blizzard Installer has encountered a problem and

needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvience.
Exception Code: 0x40000015

Is there some update I need to download to fix this?
What can I do?
Should I just cancel my subscription because I can't even get WoW installed for the past 6 days?

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by Mikepl | 15/06/2009 23:59:50



You most likely need to update your OS. Be sure to install service pack 3 and all the latest updates. Then try installing again.

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by Mikepl | 17/06/2009 00:04:06



Q u o t e:
Fine, I'll install SP3.

Last time I did it I got BSOD's but what the heck.
Did that resolve the issue? Let me know what happened.

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