Failed to read file Error, please help

by Lopend | 23/10/2008 02:56:39


"Failed to read file World\Maps\Azeroth\Azeroth_34_41.adt." . Occured as I was on the loading screen for my mage logging in. Tried my rogue and worked fine.

Debug Details:

[2] err=0 text=SFileReadFile - World\Maps\Azeroth\Azeroth_34_41.adt - Data\common-2.MPQ
[1] err=0 text=ReadSectors/DecompressData failed
[0] err=0 text=ReadSectors/DecompressData failed

^Dunno if that helps.

Any help appreciated.


by Charlesps | 05/11/2008 21:00:28



Please go to the errors folder within your WoW folder (default location: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Errors). Then copy and paste the information from the newest dated text file from there into your reply so we can troubleshoot the issue further.

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