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by Aerlinthe | 01/03/2008 05:52:57


Please make Essence of Immortal requirements based on server progression. It would make it extremely more fair to guilds that are dominating their server such as ours. Were currently the only Alliance guild in BT/Hyjal, and the best progressed horde is like 3/9 4/5 and not moving fast, the other horde guild (totalling 3 in BT/Hyjal) is 4/5 0/9. That gives you some kind of idea of how bad this server really is.

Gates of AQ at least gave a chance to low pop/bad servers, because if they really wanted to 1 guild COULD do the ENTIRE war effort. We cant do that because of weekly lock outs on bosses that drop Essence of Immortals.

So on the day 2.4 opens my guild is able to farm 7 EoI a week. Assuming the 2 horde guilds in BT/Hyjal farm vashj/kael every week, + the 2 alliance guilds killing vashj, who may have Kael down by then, thats a total of 15 EoI a week for the entire server, best case scenario.

Us: Illidan, Arch, Vashj, Kael, Kalecgos, Bruttalus, Felmyst = 7
Horde guild A: Vashj + Kael = 2
Horde guild B: Vashj + Kael = 2
Alliance guild A: Vashj + Kael = 2
Alliance guild B: Vashk + Kael = 2
= 15.
Maybe another guild will surprise us and farm Vashj by then, so even call it 16 a week.

Thats exactly 5 weeks, of every possible EoI being farmed, before we unlock the 4th boss.

At that rate its going to take us over a month to open the 1st gate, not to mention the other 2. We'll be lucky if Kil'Jaeden is available to us before WotLK comes out. Meanwhile we'll be grinding the same bosses we've been killing for months on end, watching all the high pop servers farming Kil'Jaeden, wondering why we didn't have a fair shot to make our name known across the world.

From what every raider experienced in the months prior to The Burning Crusade came out, it became increasingly hard to fill a raid, simply because of the fact everyone knew that in a few months all that gear and work would be for nothing. Once again we have an expansion looming over us that is threatening the same events. This is just one more reason that low pop/under progressed servers will not be able to see Kil'Jaeden.

Blizzard claimed they were upset so few people got to see the majority of Naxx pre TBC, and yet this is turning out to be the same scenario all over again. The only way this is not true is if WotLK is still the better part of a year past 2.4's release, in which case you will simply have all the raiding guilds on the high pop servers bored for 6+ months so as to insure the low pop servers see all the content.

Either way I really can't see a benefit for anyone, Blizzard or player base, to not stagger the amount of EoIs needed to open these gates.

Quick link to Quel'Dorei progression thread:

*Note that Enigma and Final Heaven no longer exist*

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by Tigole | 07/03/2008 21:48:08


Apologies that this update is coming so late but we pulled the Essence of Immortal quest chain about 2 weeks ago. That's why you haven't seen it on the Public Test Realm. The 3 gates will open automatically over time at equal intervals on all servers.

Regarding the taking back of the town on the Isle, however, that will still be dependent on completion of daily quests. Servers can race to see who can open their quest hub the fastest. But access to raid bosses has been made equal.

We really like the concept of cross-server competition. But the concept of the gates being tied to specific boss kills was not playing out as we had hoped. We plan to do future things that involve servers competing with one another through major events.

by Tigole | 07/03/2008 10:31:21


Q u o t e:

I suppose this means all the free potions/gems are gone from the rewards too. :(


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