Download the Interface AddON Kit

by Nethaera | 13/10/2010 20:28:13


Download the World of Warcraft Interface AddOn Kit

With the recent release of patch 4.0.1 many add-on authors may have noticed that the AddOn Kit will no longer automatically extract the lua/xml and art files from the player’s installed version of WoW. These files are now available on the World of Warcraft site in our Technical Support pages here and can be downloaded directly.

*It is important to note that customizing the interface can be a very technical endeavor, and you should not attempt it unless you have a good working knowledge of XML and Lua. There is no official support for modifying the WoW interface.

by Nethaera | 13/10/2010 22:23:01


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Is the "Here" white bolded text supposed to be a link?

The here is in reference to the link (since we can't embed links to text on the forums.) :)

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