Diablo III - Here at WWI

by Bashiok | 28/06/2008 14:31:34


Preceding an overwhelming reaction from the audience here at the WWI in Paris, we officially announced Diablo III - and let me tell you it feels really good to be able to say the name out loud now.

I'm Bashiok, your Diablo Community Manager, and over the following days - and especially once we all get back to the office - I'm going to be able to begin involving myself with the community, working with the various fansites, and of course discussing Diablo III with all of you. I’m almost used to saying the name now… not really.

We still have a lot of information coming out of WWI over the following days regarding Diablo III, so stay tuned to the live stream coming from the official Worldwide Invitational website, or just stay up to date on the recaps. And if you haven’t already, make sure you go through the official Diablo III website (http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/). It has a ton of information, screenshots, movies (including the goose-bump-inducing cinematic trailer), and some of the really amazing art that sets the basis for the game. Plus it looks … .. . amazing (I’m trying not to swear here).

We have a lot left to do here at WWI, but once we get back I’ll be bringing my experience from working closely with the developers these past few months with me to help ensure there’s plenty of information and open discussion on the various ways you’ll be able to skillfully murder demons.


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