Devs thoughts on Hunters

by Bogodope | 30/08/2006 02:20:55


Q u o t e:

Hrm, hunters are professional wrestling fans. It's all becoming so clear to me now... yes, so clear.

This was Drysc's response yesterday to a post I wrote regarding the rogue Evasion 2. Rather than a well thought out explanation on why hunters have been receiving direct nerfs via rogue changes we get this attempt at humor? I hope it's humor otherwise it's a severe insult to a large community of your players, but I will personally take it as humor in response to the guy who wanted Powerbomb.

Rather than an explanation on where Blizzard is going with their own said Rock/Paper/Scissors PVP theory regarding Hunters and Rogues we get this?

I challenge any Dev to come here and reasonably explain what is causing these changes to be made which directly impact Hunters PVP viability.

by Drysc | 30/08/2006 02:41:20


It's an ability that has a pretty long cooldown, and sure may help rogues get up in your face a little more. However, how can you accurately proclaim a complete loss of tactical balance when both sides have yet to be displayed? You're complaining about the scissors when you haven't even seen the paper.

by Drysc | 30/08/2006 02:46:02


Q u o t e:


He should have said rock.

It's an arbitrary metaphor. I will call them paper. :)

by Drysc | 30/08/2006 02:53:30


Q u o t e:
Maybe you should make hunters wear cloth while your at it.


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