Daze Mechanic Update

by Drysc | 17/09/2007 14:25:35


A change to the “Daze” mechanic was originally planned for introduction in patch 2.2. This change would have removed additional defense rating as a factor in reducing the chance of being dazed, equalizing the chance for heavy armor wearers to become dazed as compared to light armor wearers. With further testing and discussion it was decided that players would be too negatively affected in their ability to tank and reposition their targets, and this change will no longer be included with 2.2. We currently have no plans to reintroduce this change at a later time.

by Nethaera | 26/09/2007 17:26:58


Q u o t e:
could a blizzard rep please explain why the daze mechanic was change in 2.2 when Drysc started this thread to say it was NOT going to be changed?

The patch notes in the build you see when you load up a patch are implemented prior to (or just as) the build being finalized and are locked into the build for the patch. They can't be easily or quickly updated at the last minute. To help make sure that people have the most recent patch notes, we make sure to add the web address to the top of the patch notes to let people know that should there be any changes or additions, they will find it there. The web notes and forum notes version gives us a quick and easy way of making sure we can still do updates without a new build needing to be created.

The Daze change was NOT implemented in this patch and was pulled.

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