Character Update not complete?

by Himura | 13/11/2007 23:03:02


OK, Well when I try to log on my main I cant

" You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is complete. "

I can log on my alts just fine, why not just my main why me?
To the old school pvpers, to the decent pveer, to the sexy jihad callers, heya guyz ^^ <3

by Fritzs | 13/11/2007 23:07:55



Have you recently made any changes to your character? Name changes, server transfers, or anything along those lines? To make sure that it is not an issue with your client, please open your World of Warcraft folder and delete the WTF, Interface, and Cache folders(make sure the game is closed when you do this).



by Fritzs | 13/11/2007 23:14:47


Unfortunately I cannot access your actual account information, so I'm not entirely sure if something with the patch may have caused this issue. I would recommend contacting our billing department, they should be able to determine if for some reason your character is caught in some manner of limbo. The error message you are receiving *does* sound like some manner of issue related to the transfer of characters or possibly name changes, but at this point I'm not sure, and this is the first I've seen or heard of it.

The billing department can be reached at 1-800-592-5499.


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