Cataclysm Press Tour Coverage

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Last week the Blizzard Entertainment campus gates opened to let in some very special guests from the media and official fansites to take a look at the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm and its progress. Read more about what they learned at the sites below.

Official Fansites:

Cataclysm Press Event Updates: Start Here!-
Exclusive interview with Ghostcrawler-

World of Raids
Exclusive: Tom Chilton Dishes Details On Cataclysm-
Cataclysm Press Event - Raids, Guild System, Path of the Titans & More-

Ten Ton Hammer
New Details on Raids, Guilds, Glyphs and More in Cataclysm-



World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview-

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Q u o t e:
Is this to say a lot of stuff is nearing completion? Some of the articles mention and illustrate some very refined details.

It's to say, "We're getting there and making good progress. Check it out."

by Nethaera | 13/06/2010 21:42:08


Q u o t e:
I read in one of the sites out there that archeology might be used to find a bit of lore in game or something to that affect. Being that I'm a lore nut I wondered is this new lore that someone like me will have fun finding out about or will it be just mostly older things that we already know.

I think there will be plenty of new stories and lore to be discovered as you rediscover Azeroth and make your way through it.

by Nethaera | 13/06/2010 21:43:30


Q u o t e:
Any screenshots of Skywall soon? They make it out to be so gorgeous yet they weren't allowed to take pictures.

We'll do what we can to show you more when we can. :)

by Nethaera | 14/06/2010 19:21:12


Q u o t e:
I'm sad to see a lot of the exciting new features like guild talents and path of the titans got the axe for the sake of time and pushing the expansion out sooner. Take your time Blizzard!

This wasn't about saving on time, it was about the concepts (when being actually designed) not quite working out the way we had originally envisioned them. We want to make sure that the elements we add into Cataclysm make sense and add value to the gameplay, not over complicate or end up lackluster in implementation.

We try to emphasize as much as possible that when we discuss things early on in development that the concepts could very well change when it comes time to implement them. It's far more difficult to remove something once it's been put in than it is to change directions and not put it in to begin with. We also understand that by us talking of these features earlier on, there are many people who feel as if items were removed even if they've never been implemented in the game.

The other issue we run into is expectation. Once we reveal our ideas of what we think we'd like to do, people get very invested in them and begin to imagine how it will play out in the end. The actuality of how it plays out may be very different than the idea and it's very difficult to live up to an idea. So the most we can do is move forward with what we think will for the best of the game as a whole.

Keep in mind there are a lot of new features and changes coming with Cataclysm in many subtle ways (and not so subtle ways) that we think will make your experiences far more enjoyable.

We are very interested in constructive feedback on the recently released talent information as well as will be very interested in constructive feedback when we get to the beta process itself. As always, we want to make sure that we're providing the best possible gameplay experiences we can.

by Nethaera | 14/06/2010 21:29:15


Q u o t e:

You charge ppl 150$ to attend a 2day news conference with the idea of hearing stuff about the next xpac. If its something you arent interested in, stop? ... or do it right befopre alpha so you know whats going to make it in.

We are very interested in continuing to share our thoughts and ideas. I think that perhaps you're reading too much into what I've said. One way or another, someone is bound to be unhappy that either we didn't tell them enough ahead of time, or we told them "too much" and changed our minds. While we do our best to make it clear that things could change, we can't control where everyone's imaginations take them on how it will play out in actuality. We obviously much prefer for people to be surprised when they've gotten more than expected out of something, but there's no guarantee that the vision someone had in their head isn't something far grander than what would be feasible to implement or for the health of the game as a whole.

As for BlizzCon, it's meant to be a thank you to the community and a way to celebrate Blizzard games. It's a fun time and great chance for us to share what we've been working on or just get together as a community of gamers to have a good time.

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Q u o t e:
Hi Neth,
I will be good this time, I promise. Is there a set date for the start of beta, I always find that a good reference for completion. Also, have you been able to get down and dirty with Alpha?

Edit: You don't have to say anthing about it, just want to know if you were.

2nd Edit: I get no respect, no repect.

I don't have an ETA that I can share with you on the start of beta. Our plan currently is to start it when we feel it's at it's "most ready" so that we can start getting community eyes and hands on it and get some constructive feedback on it all. We are obviously going to want to know how profession changes, UI changes, talent and spell changes etc are playing out for testers.

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