Can't zoom out anymore

by Zroya | 01/11/2008 12:42:37


Just a few days ago this problem occurred and I haven't been able to find the reason why. It's only on my second account, doesn't affect my main account. When I try to zoom out using the mouse wheel the view instantly zooms in to first person.

I took off all my addons, reset all my key bindings to default (I didn't have anything different anyways), reloaded ui, restarted computer/wow, everything I can think of and its still doing it for every character on my second account. I tried playing the account on two different computers and that didn't make a difference, I still had the problem. I even set the zoom out key binding to a letter (J I believe) and it did the same thing - zoomed to first person view every time I used it.

Zooming in works fine using both the scroll wheel and a key binding, and I can use the Home and End buttons to get out of first person view, but I can't zoom out from my character at all, it just switches to first person again... Like I said before, this only affects my second account. My main account (which I use on the same computer and has all the same addons/settings etc.) isn't affected and can zoom in and out just fine.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

by Claudiog | 03/03/2009 20:30:11


This is an old thread, but try resetting the game to defaults. With the game closed please try moving or deleting your WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE folders out of your World of Warcraft directory. These are temporary cache files that will be recreated by the game the next time you launch. Moving them to the desktop makes it easy to replace them if necessary.

Please also note these folders contain your saved macros and UI addons. By moving or deleting these folders you will also remove any saved preferences, UI addons, or macros you may have added. However, in order for us to troubleshoot the issue we need to remove any modifications to the game and make sure we are diagnosing the default settings.

By default the directory locations for WoW are as follows:

Vista - C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft
XP - C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

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