Can't claim RaF mount

by Dakdak | 08/06/2010 22:19:30


trying to claim my RaF touring rocket mount but i keep encountering an error.

i start by logging into, going to the RaF section, clicking claim reward, then proceed to the page wher ei choose which server the character is on that i would like to give it to.

my server is vashj and i want to put it on my paladin DakDak. after i click on vashj it goes to a page
with a peon animation and says "error encountered, an error has occurred!"

what can I/you do to fix this?


by Vrakthris | 08/06/2010 23:44:37


Unfortunately, Dakdak, it looks like certain Recruit a Friend options, such as redeeming the mount, is not currently available through the extended maintenance period. They should be available once more once work on the realms listed in the post below is completed.

Paid Service Availability - Updated!

I am sorry for what inconvenience this causes you.

Customer Service Forum Representative
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