[Bug] Human female faces models are different

by Asariah | 25/03/2008 21:15:34


Hi guys,

I know this isn't a huge issue, but it's annoying to me so I thought I'd post it. The face of my human female character has changed from 2.3 to 2.4. In particular, her eyes look weird. Same thing for my wifes character. Is anyone else having this problem? I will post screenshots when possible.


by Hortus | 27/03/2008 17:39:51


All player models were re-built in 2.4 to increase preformance. This resulted in slight change to the geometry of the female human face. It was decided that this was an acceptable change.

If you feel strongly that it should be changed, I highly suggest posting in the general or suggestions forums about it.

by Hortus | 29/03/2008 20:37:12


Post your opinions of the character models and this change in the suggestions forum, no action will be taken on this based on posts in this forum.

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