Blizzard GM decides not to help

by Thepvpness | 12/09/2009 05:17:55


Maybe if Blue Names read this we will actually get some help.

A few days ago, a guildie of mine, Magnavox from Suramar Alliance side was hacked. His character was server transferred and faction changed. After getting in contact with a GM in-game and customer support by telephone, he was assured his character would be restored to it's previous state from before the hack.

His character was transferred back to Suramar by the GM and all the gear and gold was restored. One small problem, is that the GM decided to leave his character Horde side for some reason. Another call to customer service left him with assurances that it was simply a mistake and his character would be fully restored in a timely manner.

A couple days passed and he began receiving the Blizzard Customer Support satisfaction surveys. Another inquiry into the matter via telephone left him in his current situation. He is stuck on the Horde side and the GM/customer support informed him they have no further plans to restore his toon any further. The faction change was clearly and certainly done at the same time as the server transfer as a result of being hacked.

Magnavox made a post on these forums asking Blizzard for help and now he is banned from the forums. I would simply like to see this issue resolved. As GM of this large guild of friends, I can say that we are all very upset and have lost a lot of confidence in the Bliizard support staff. It is worth noting that Magnavox was using the legendary "Blizzard Authenticator" to hack-proof his account.

So Blizzard, what can you do for us?

by Reythur | 12/09/2009 05:32:36


Unfortunately, I'm not able to delve into the specifics of another player's account, but I can say that it does not appear that the story you were provided was the full story. =/

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by Reythur | 12/09/2009 05:45:37


Q u o t e:
He was faction changed, server transferred and all his belongings stripped.

Blizzard reversed two of those 3 things.....why would the faction change be left?

I am unable to discuss the specific facts of the situation with you, as you are not the account holder.

I will repeat myself when I say that it does not appear that all of the facts regarding the situation and how we've addressed the issue were provided to you. Neither myself nor any of our staff will be able to divulge that information to anyone other than the account holder.

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by Reythur | 12/09/2009 06:18:33


Q u o t e:
I am sure you are right. I am sure that in a brief moment of stupidity he faction changed, server transferred and sold all his gear and mailed away his gold. In a sudden change of heart, he deviously duped Blizz into reversing the server transfer and giving his gold back but man did Blizz sure catch on to the faction change thing.

I appreciate all the "support" you guys are offering but maybe using a little common sense when posting would be awfully helpful.
Look, I know you're just trying to help your friend, but I really think you need to speak to him about this issue. There is some information that he's given you that is not correct.

It's possible that something was misinterpreted in regards to the information we sent him or in what he disclosed to you; however, there isn't much that you've posted here that is correct.

I'm afraid that I really can't say much more than that. =/

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