Beta Build 13221

by Macphearson | 27/10/2010 19:02:39


* Thrash (Bear) now deals 15% of AP + 243 damage, down from 19% of AP + 304 damage. Bleed effect reduced from 3% of AP + 189 to 3% of AP + 152.
* Swipe now deals 171 base damage, down from 214.
* Brutal Impact now causes victims of Skull Bash to have a 5/10% increased mana cost on their spells, down from 15/30%.
* Stampede now increase melee haste by 30%, up from 15%. Causes Feral Charge (Cat) to cost 100% less energy, down from 50%.

* Avenger's Shield now has a 15 sec cooldown, down from 24 sec.
* Shield of the Templar no longer reduces the cooldown of Avenger's Shield. Now allows your Divine Plea to generate 1/2/3 Holy Power.
* Guarded by the Light now increases Word of Glory by 15/30%, down from 30/60%.
* Wrath of the Lightbringer now increases the damage of Crusader Strike by 50% at Rank 1, up from 30%. (Not sure if the plan is to make it a single rank, or a 2 Ranks 50/100%, seems bugged)

* Shield Slam base damage has been increased by 125%. From 826-868 to 1871-1967.

Seems they're buffing warrior threat while ignoring our short cooldown issue, lack of a real threat cooldown, and potentially wonky scaling. Hey, at least big shield slam crits are fun, amirite?

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by Ghostcrawler | 28/10/2010 02:18:57


We changed Shield Slam and Shield of the Righteous to do more base damage and scale less with AP. This was to fix a problem where numbers became absurdly large with a lot of AP, especially under the effects of Vengeance, dwarfing the damage done by druid or DK tanks. With these changes, a tank in heroic dungeon blues should deal the same damage with no Vengeance, but Vengeance will have less of an impact.

The coefficient for Shield of the Righteous was lowered from 120% to 60% at 3 Holy Power. The coefficient for Shield Slam was lowered from 75% to 60%.

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by Ghostcrawler | 28/10/2010 03:14:02


Q u o t e:
Anyway, I was sadder at the GbtL nerf, the self heal is now increased by 15/30% instead of 30/60%. I surely found the talent more useful than Hallowed Ground, especially in a spec that otherwise had it's self-healing gutted.

We buffed Word of Glory base points for Holy paladins. We nerfed the Ret and Prot talents to keep it about the same for them.

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