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by Chauvinist | 23/10/2007 04:13:49


Hi, I live in New Zealand and one my accounts has been compromised via a key logger, I have tried to recover it using the Password Recovery site on blizzards main page, with no luck(tried every single phone number I would have used and caps/no caps etc for secret question)

Also I have emailed blizzard and the email basically says I have to ring blizzard billing and services to get it fixed, BUT the only way to get through to the Australian phone line according to Telecom international helpdesk is to get an Australian to ring them up on the 1-800 number to find out their local number, then I can call that number.. btw number for Australia is 1-800-041-378 ( which I cannot get through to )

Is there a direct number New Zealanders can ring for support?

Thank you

by Claudiog | 11/11/2008 00:28:29


You will need to continue calling 1-800-041-378. You can also email Billing at

The number rings busy, or disconnected, or unavailable because Monday is their busiest day by far (particularly during launch week!). You have to get through into the queue in order to wait to speak to a representative, but there is no more room to accept more people on hold you so receive one of the above errors. I suggest putting it on redial and hitting it for about 5 minutes (I usually get through within a few myself).

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