Aran dead; door locked; trash back; no port

by Xandarous | 31/03/2007 13:20:44


This week during my guilds regular Karazhan run, we killed Shade of Aran and the door did not open and was locked. We were stuck in the room. Also the trash linked to Shade respawned and the port to the Library is not available.

We put in a ticket and the GM said to let it soft reset. This did not work.

I put in a second ticket and the GM said there was nothing he could do. Sorry but this is not acceptable. This poor customer service needs to be remedied. I want my instance fixed. Another guild on my server had this problem fixed and yet we are getting denied.

I will even name the other guild. Superstars on server Cho'gall reported the same issue and had a GM go in their instance and FIX it.

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by Pavonum | 31/03/2007 13:57:02


Some misinterpretation may have arisen, Xandarous, for which I apologise. Can I have you log in, so a Game Master can speak with you? :)

by Pavonum | 31/03/2007 14:04:43


Q u o t e:
When please? I can log on now if you want.

That would help immensely. You should be contacted soon. :)

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