2.3 EXP Quest Gain question

by Jaff | 12/11/2007 20:31:31


With 2.3 supposedly being release tomorrow I'm curious about what I should in in preparation.
As I understand all quests after level 30 yield more experience when they're turned in.. ya?

So should I do a bunch of quests today and just save the Turn-Ins for tomorrow for a bigger XP yield?

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by Eyonix | 12/11/2007 20:38:41


It's not for all quests, just the vast majority. For instance, bread crumb quests, for the most part, will still grant the same amount of experience. To answer your question though -- yes, waiting to turn in your quests after the patch will result in a greater amount of experience awarded.

by Eyonix | 12/11/2007 20:51:18


Q u o t e:

Quests designed for the sole purpose of leading you out of one area and into another. For example, something like "Thank you for all your work here in Goldshire, but I hear Sentinel Hill could use a hand now" would be a breadcrumb quest. The quests you got once you were THERE, to kill things in that zone, would be more likely to have improved exp.

Dead on! Thanks! Sorry, I thought we've thrown out the term "bread crumb quests" more often. Yeah, they are basically quests that are simply designed to move you to the next area.

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