1.12 Rogue Builds

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Updated: 8/31

This post is meant to list the standard archetypes. It does not list all possible builds. Nor is it meant to say that all the talent selections are the absolute best for all circumstances. With that in mind, I've updated the descriptions to identify the main talents that make the build a "standard". The other talents can be moved around and customized to fit each players' personal preference and/or needs.

A note on Lethality. Several posts have suggested that Lethality is a "must have" talent for SF and CB/Prep daggers. I disagree. The dps difference between Lethality and Imp Poison is negligible, and Imp Poison is clearly the better talent for pvp where you find many high-armor targets and where it's vital that crippling poison procs in every fight.

Dagger Builds

Sword Builds

  • Combat Sword - 18/33/0

  • http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/rogue/talents.html?305023101030000320055010005015023100000000000000000

    Another old stand-by, this is the highest dps raid build for swords. It won't match Combat Daggers for sustained damage, but it's a bit more adaptable for various types of fights. It's also the best build for lvl'ing up and solo grinding.

    Key talents: Imp SnD, Imp SS, Precision, Dual Wield, Blade Flurry, Weapon Expertise, Adrenaline Rush. Once again, Malice and Relentless Strikes are also important.

    Variants: The four points in Lethality and Imp Poisons are definitely not needed unless you want to squeeze the last drop of dps out of this build. You can easily move those points into the pvp talents in the combat tree or even MOD in Subtlety.

  • Hemo - 24/3/24

  • http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/rogue/talents.html?305323103001300300000000000000000050225300003012100

    Somewhat updated in 1.12, hemo remains a pvp stunlock build. Hemorrhage itself is the rogue's best CP/energy attack. Initiative and Dirty Deeds also contribute to the overall efficiency of the build, while Cold Blood and Imp Kidney Shot boost the somewhat limited burst damage.

    Hemorrhage was not normalized in the 1.8 patch, thus some rogues claim Hemo is a good raid build. Unfortunately it isn't, unless you happen to be swinging the very best weapons (Rank 14/AQR/Naxx) and have exceptionally high AP. Even then it's debatable whether Hemo actually outperforms Combat Swords (let alone Combat Daggers).

    Key talents: Cold Blood, Imp Gouge, Prep, Initiative, Dirty Deeds, Hemo.

  • Seal Fate Combat - 30/21/0

  • http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/rogue/talents.html?305023101151350320055010004010000000000000000000000

    Yet another build that's been around for a while, SF Combat has never enjoyed the popularity of the other "cookie-cutter" specs. The combo point generation is uneven but extremely fast (faster than hemo). This build most excels at group pvp where it can use its combo points to hold targets in place while the high white damage beats them down. The white damage and poison talents also make it a decent build for raiding.

    Key talents: Seal Fate, Dual Wield, Blade Flurry. Imp SnD is included for raiding only.

  • Hemo Premed - 17/3/31

  • http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/rogue/talents.html?305020124000000300000000000000000050025300033012151

    As mentioned above, hemorrhage is the most CP efficient ability in the rogue arsenal. Coupled with Premed, it allows some exceptional opening combinations. The fast cp's make it possible to pop a 5-pt eviscerate before the initial CS wears off. See Sack's Guide to Premeditation for more info on this build.

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