Xyzzy an acceptable rp name?

by Taeri | 26/04/2007 05:50:55


I've had a discussion with a GM today in regards to a player on Moonglade going by the name Xyzzy and whether this is an acceptable name or not. Despite acknowlidging that I read the naming policies and felt that this name was in breach of the pronounceable names section the GM who spoke with me said that the name was ok according to the policies and that the issue was not for debate. I still fail to believe this is correct and think that the GM who spoke to me was in error as I cannot pronounce Xyzzy. I need a second opinion on this.
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by Prokkar | 26/04/2007 16:25:06



I would probably agree with Nall on the pronunciation, but this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a technical issue.

If you want to discuss RP naming, please take it to the RP forum:

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