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Hello Blizzard.
I have some troubles with WoW.
I have a 6800GT nVidia graphic card, and I have the latest drivers (Forceware 158.22). Well, when I log in the game, I can play for like 2-3 mins, then the game freezes, blue screen (nv4_disp.dll loop error) and reboot = %@*#. I've been playing since WoW release and had no troubles. I started to have troubles since TBC has been installed. If I want to play I have to write "-swtnl" string in my WoW link, in the "Target" field.
Well, if I write this string, the fps go down to 15-20, and it's impossible for me to play, but I have no crashes.

AMD Athlon 3500+.
nVidia 6800GT with Forceware 158.22 drivers.

Before TBC the game ran fine, when I installed TBC the game %@*#ed up.
Help blizzard please.

p.s: I tried to install the older versions of my drivers and nothing has changed.

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by Gelmkar | 04/05/2007 16:37:42


-SWTNL stands for Software Texture and Lightning

Basically the game is no longer uses hardware acceleration, and it falling back to the power of your CPU to do most of the work.

nv4_disp.dll loop can be both a driver related problem or a hardware related problem.

You should try removing the drivers completely from your system then re-installing the most current drivers available to see if the crashes continue.

Overheating or damaged hardware may also cause this error as well so make sure that the card is running correctly that the fan and Heatsink are free of dust and is correctly cooling the card.

The following website may help but the steps are neither supported by Blizzard or Nvidia, so caution should be taken.


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