[SOLUTION] fake "succes" or quick "disconect"

by Kroth | 23/03/2007 01:31:27


I found a way to resolve fake login "succes!" message and probably it's also a good try for "You ware disconnected from server".

I'm come from italy and using a PPPoE modem (ISP telocom)

The goal is adjust MTU of network interface, i limit MTU to 1000 (is probably more than enough).
To change MTU of your network interface you have to add a key in windows registry, so it's greatly racommanded no change unless you know what are you doing, stricly follow guidelines.

A guide for:
* Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0
* Windows XP
* Windows 2000
* Macintosh OS X
* Linksys Router
* D-Link Router
* WinPoET


For any doubts or questions post here or...
type "change MTU windows XP" in google ;)

Have a good game :)

by Gelmkar | 13/04/2007 17:29:51



Be careful setting the MTU rating on your connection it could actually make your connection worse.

ADSL = 1492 MTU
Cable, Lan Connection = 1500 MTU

It might be advisable to check with your provider to see if they have a specific MTU setting as some providers like AOL have a rating of 1400.

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