"So... you've rolled an RP character.."

by Nairuil | 08/10/2007 13:17:41


Congratulations - you're just rolled an RP character! Good for you. Now what? I mean, unlike normal servers, you can't just go around slaying monsters for no reason and dueling on Goldshire, no, I don't think so. Well, what DO you do then? This guide is meant to help you.

This is a guide to help you get started. I think it's good for noobs and pros alike, but then again, serious players would usually know this kind of stuff, but just to make sure you do. Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

The First Step in Building a Character: Background, current situation.

Your character of course wasn't just born one day in Northshire Abbey and started slaying things for no reason. It had a life before that. It has emotions, feelings for others, a family, background, who knows what else.


Your character's name should be proper RP-stuff, not "Robotboy", "Flamboi" or "Sillybun". OK?

If you're transferring a character with a silly name, create a character with the same name as the character you're transferring and THEN transfer the character. You will then be forced to change the transferred character's name.

Things you should think about:

Is your character known by a nickname? Is there a reason why they received the name they did?

Does your character prefer Common/Orcish or its racial language? Does it know Common/Orcish well, if at all?

Does your character have a disability? Is it lame? Does it stutter? Does it hiss? Does it see well?

How old is your character? Consult [Lore] Aging in Wow

Does your character have a last name?

Where is your character from? Why did that character leave that place?

Why did your character become an adventurer?

Does your character hate the opposite faction? Does your character hate civillians from the opposite faction?

Why did your character chose the path they did (class)?

Is your character sane? Are they passionate about life? Are they melancholic? Do they hate their life?

Is your character an alcoholic? Has a heart condition? Has a short temper? (No, your character does not have AIDS, cancer or gonorrhea and it does not have leprosy.)

Is your character homosexual? Asexual? Bisexual? Pansexual?

Which god does your character follow? Do they follow the light? Do they honor them, or do they just not care about it?

The Next Step: Recognizing You're Not a Vampire

You're not a vampire. I damn well hope you're not a lesbian (nothing against them, being a "community member", there are just WAY too many of them).

Your character is not a prince, queen, king or anything. No. They're adventurers.

Your character will not kill enemy faction CIVILLIANS unprovoked unless insane, ubernationalist or on a mission/battlefield.

Your character has no superpowers. YA RLY.

You're Done - Now What?

This section relates to what you shouldn't do.

No "lol", "rofl", "omg" or "wtf". Really. Use complete sentences, preferably also capitalization, I'm serious.

Don't use "*laughs*" "*nods*" in /s /y and the likes. That's why you can do things like "/me laughs", etc.

NO OOC IN /S /Y OR /ME WHATSOEVER. Brackets are NOT fine. I don't care! Brackets are evil, mean, horrible things. Whispers can be OOC however.

If you're a warlock, you're not supposed to be too open about it. Pretend you're a mage.

Hope this helps a little bit.
If you don't intend to RP, get away from RP realms, thank you.

If you see someone who stubbornly refuses to RP, report them.

by Salthem | 09/10/2007 17:41:25


A nice, short (that's a good thing for a newbie guide), guide. Like Palomino, I also feel you are being a little harsh on the topic of OOC in /say, but I can understand that it's best to make the message clear that it is frowned upon so that new players will know to try not to do it. I know when I created my first RP character I slipped up a couple of times though.

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