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by Chey | 30/03/2009 16:31:09


i just wanna ask about the policy/rules on runnin/operatin casino guilds...

at the moment there is a lvl1 on bloodhoof in SW currently advertisin a casino guild and tryin 2 (i believe) scam ppl out of gold.

Ba****rd is claimin that Blizz has lifted the ban on runnin casino guilds, just wanna c if this is true or if its a load of bull?

thx chey

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by Xemafir | 30/03/2009 20:17:41


Q u o t e:
The ban was lifted on the US servers, not the European ones.

This is correct. While European and US policies are usually similar, they aren't necessarily identical. Casinos remain against European scam policies at this time, and submitting an in-game ticket to report the matter is indeed an appropriate step to take. Thank you!

The European scam policies can be viewed at:

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