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by Thetracer | 07/05/2009 23:42:14


Hi everyone, I have a friend looking to start WoW soon - so I decided to use the RAF to get him to 60 fast. I have a question though.

- Can we both buy a new copy of WoW classic, and register one account first then send RAF to the other account from the first account ? (within the first accounts first free month, thus not having to pay the monthly fee the first account)

Reason I ask is, I plan to buy a new account for myself, use it to RAF my friends new account - then use my current account to level both the new characters on the RAF active accounts.

Thank you

by Irylinne | 08/05/2009 02:47:40


Greetings Thetracer,

As far as I'm aware the only requirement to be able to send R.A.F. invitations is a full account, and a subscription isn't an important factor. This means that as soon as your new account is upgraded, you should be able to send an invitation straight away without the need to use a game card.

Also, for bonus points, don't forget to use your existing WoW account to 'refer' your new second account. That way you'll be able to use some of the grant-able levels on yourself. :)

Kind Regards,

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by Xemafir | 08/05/2009 12:20:37


Q u o t e:
Is recruit and refer a friend the same?

Refer a Friend is simply Recruit a Friend mispelled in most cases I have seen. :)

Q u o t e:
Also if I use my current account to refer my 2nd account, then arent the two linked with tripple exp? meaning I cant use my 2nd account to refer my friends account to link those two with tripple exp ?

You can "chain recruit" accounts. This means you can use your existing account (account A) to recruit your new account (account B) which then recruits your friend's new account (account C). You do not need to be charged for the first month to do this, but you do need to upgrade to a full retail version on all recruiting accounts (expansions not needed yet).

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