PTR Wrong Password

by Paranoidjack | 13/04/2007 21:05:08


Logging into the test realms gives me an error about wrong password which is probally down to me changing my pass within the last month. The problem now is that i dont remember the old pass now since I deleted the entry from the program I use to store passwords.

Anyway does the PTR`s login server database get updated regularly with account details or am I going to be locked out of the test realms for the time being ?

by Gelmkar | 13/04/2007 21:10:14



Account details are usually taken from a few weeks before the PTR is released, this means if you have changed your password since then it won't work on the PTRs.

Unfortunately if you are unable to remember the password, then you will need to wait till the next PTR to test future content.