Problem with tailoring specialization

by Weatherwax | 13/04/2007 14:21:42


i was 375 in tailoring with mooncloth specialization
unlearned the tailoring skill to start again to learn the shadowweave cloth specialization
now i am at 350 skill and when i speak to the shadowweave trainer, i am unable to learn the skill

i have put a ingame ticket in and got a stupid response back
saying i should talk to the mooncoth trainer and unlearn again

any help would be grateful

by Gelmkar | 13/04/2007 17:21:37



Unfortunately we are unable to offer any assistance for in-game issues, we would suggest you try contacting the Game Masters again and and ask if they are able to better help you.

Contacting the GMs in-game is simple, locate the red question mark located in the games interface and click on the Open a Ticker and follow the on screen instructions to send a ticket.

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