Out With the Old, In With the New

by Natryndon | 23/11/2010 14:51:16


So, in a short while Deathwing’s destructive force will be felt on these very forums and we will all be transferring to our new home on the all-new, all-shiny World of Warcraft community site. This home has served us all well over the years, and a tear is brought to the eye when we reminisce about the Panda avatars, the sultry tones of Issuntril and the occasional lunatic ravings of Xaldavan.

We feel like we have built ourselves a small community here, a helpful and friendly community filled with players eager to assist and educate their fellows. We sincerely hope that this spirit will persist into the ‘new age’ and thank each and every contributor for their assistance in making this the greatest game in the world. We would especially like to thank our regular posters and viewers as well as our 2 MVPs, Celiby and Shammoz for their hard work and infinite patience, and we look forward to reading and using your future offerings. /Patontheback.

These forums will remain read-only for a short time while we make the transition, but eventually they will disappear completely. So, if there is any information here that you would like to ‘back-up’ as it were, then we advise you to do it as soon as possible. We have done our own ‘backing up’ as you may have noticed, and some of the most useful resources have already been transferred to the new forums which can be found here;


Please bear with us during this transitional period, it’s going to take some getting used to. But we will do our best to support you guys, to give you the latest information and to help you with any problems you may have with the game. The future’s bright, the future’s blue...

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Deathwing is very happy...

by Glauzuu | 23/11/2010 15:55:25


Q u o t e:
will all threads here be deleted? cause tbh, the loss of some like the "GM Working Methods" thread of old would really be a loss

plus its 127 pages long

I'm afraid they will be deleted a short time from now.

See you all on the new forum!

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Last signature change ever, I swear!

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