Mage Level 70 Pre-raid Gear

by Zultmeth | 16/07/2007 22:19:57


This is a collection of what I consider to be the best pre-raid mage gear (that is, before walking in the door of Karazhan. Kitted out in the best of these, the first few bosses of Karazhan should not be a significant challenge gearwise). Each section is listed by first source (I.e. Crafted/Heroic/else), and, within each category, by my opinion of their usefulness, the best at the top. Generally speaking Craftables > Heroic loot > normal/quest. This is not always the case. Since I cannot make tables easily, you will simply have to compare them yourselves, I'm afraid.

If you think I have missed something else, misplaced something, or generally made an error, please point it out! If it's not too outrageous, I'll change it.

A few general trends: this is aimed towards raiding. Hence, spell hit is given some considerable weighting in the way I have ordered this. It is not intended to gear you up for high end PvP.
Of the Dungeon sets, Oblivion (the Warlock set) features fairly prominently. Incanters not at all, as I consider it a poor set (you may disagree). Mana-etched (the "generic" cloth set) features to some extent, although, generally, it is inferior to other, non set items, unless you get enough for the set bonuses.

Post 0: Head, Shoulder, back, Chest, Bracer, Gloves, Belt, leggings, Boots.
Post 1: Weaponry, Necklace, Rings, Trinkets, Gems. (Mage Level 70 Pre-raid Gear )










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